Grand Finale of Songbook: Matilda Andersson + One Last Jam

27-02 20:00 - 28-02 00:00
Studio HPKSM
Address: Storgatan 22, Göteborg

Grand Finale of Songbook: Matilda Andersson + One Last Jam

Songbook brings a close to a year and a half of fantastic music and vibes from its weekly format on February 27th. We’ve had an immeasurable amount of talent on stage, countless good times hanging out and playing music, and we’ve drank enough beer to fill more than a few swimming pools. Now’s not the time to grieve, but instead to raise a glass and toast what we’ve achieved as a small, independent night in a small, independent basement in Vasastan. We’ll end on a high, and we’re delighted o have the wonderful and individual Matilda Andersson re-joining us as our final guest!

Matilda Anderssons röst sticker ut på Göteborgs jazzscen med sitt breda uttryck och snäva kast mellan varmt smekande melodier och fria ljud. Vi hör henne som oftast i egna gruppen Fartyg 6 samt i nya stjärnskottet Olimpias Orkan. Båda är några alldeles extra och denna kväll blir inget undantag.

Matilda Andersson – Sång (Guest)
Olov Nilsson – Gitarr
Boel Mogensen – Kontrabass
Seán Mc Daid – Trummor

Doors at 20:00, with the concert beginning shortly after. Jam will then begin shortly after the concert!
Bring your instrument, nice deal on Ö L *if* your name’s on the sign-up sheet. We play until we’re kicked out – then THAT”S ALL FOLKS!!!

One last time: Bring Good Vibes x